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203 Billion Emails In A Year!-The Untold Growth Story Of MailChimp

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Having a chimpanzee as a mascot is bold and fun at the same time. But that’s not the only reason that separates MailChimp from its competitors. At AppVirality , we’ve been avid MailChimp users ourselves, and just like any SaaS product would do in today’s time, we recently received the mandatory ‘end of the year’ update from them.

However, what sets it apart was the thought that went into conceptualizing and creating this piece of beauty .

For most bloggers, entrepreneurs and startups, MailChimp is a tool that echoes personalization, comfort, and ease. Therefore, it isn’t surprising to see it as the first choice for many .

This year MailChimp sent out over 203 billion emails, and it is safe to say that it has come a long way from its launch in 2001 as a paid email marketing service.

Emails sent out by MailChimp in 2015!

What has been the reason behind MailChimp’s enormous growth? Given our love for dissecting growth stories , we couldn’t resist ourselves in unearthing the factors responsible for this giant’s success.

Going The Freemium Way

A lot of startups have benefitted from going the freemium way, and quite frankly it enjoys the repute of an ace in this game. For early stage startups, a freemium model looks like the thing to do. However for MailChimp, the story was a tad different and quite understandably perfect. Platinum Womens Shoes On Sale Platinum Leather 2017 US 55 EU 36 US 75 EU 375 US 8 EU 385 US 85 EU 39 Stuart Weitzman Leather Womens Shoes On Sale US 5.5 (EU 36) US 7.5 (EU 37.5) US 8 (EU 38.5) US 8.5 (EU 39) Stuart Weitzman YoUlDQC
, the Founder and the CEO of MailChimp said in an Urbonn Leather Drivers in Navy Navy Ted Baker 38XxhqrOXT

“We spent years building up a powerful, affordable, profitable, self-serve product. We invested heavily in our API, which now has more than 70,000 users. We got smarter at deliverability, scalability, and abuse prevention. Then, the cloud made all of the above even cheaper. We took advantage of those savings and made stuff free.”

He further stated that:

“We’ve worked hard for many years to build a powerful service that actually makes email marketing fun. And I want the entire world to experience CTM Womans handbag in italian genuine suede leather with Animalier pattern made in Italy 33x38x11 Cm Chicca Tutto Moda ArvzaLPf
. It’s also kind of a cool idea to think of bajillions of “serious” business newsletters being distributed with little monkeys in their footer. And it was also a way to thank our customers. Many of them were able to switch from paid accounts to free”

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Evaluates multiple formulas concurrently with one another.


The Concurrent function evaluates multiple formulas at the same time. Normally, multiple formulas are evaluated by chaining them together with the Ghana Womens Closed Peter Kaiser thPL9P8jf1
(or ;; ) operator, which evaluates each sequentially in order. When the app performs operations concurrently, users wait less for the same result.


In the Ella boots Black Aquazzura 2AHdjf
property of your app, use Concurrent to improve performance when the app loads data. When data calls don't start until the previous calls finish, the app must wait for the sum of all request times. If data calls start at the same time, the app only needs to wait for the longest request time. Web browsers often improve performance by performing data operations concurrently.


You can't predict the order in which formulas within the Concurrent function start and end evaluation. Formulas within the Concurrent function shouldn't contain dependencies on other formulas within the same Concurrent function, and PowerApps shows an error if you try. From within, you can safely take dependencies on formulas outside the Concurrent function because they will complete before the Concurrent function starts. Formulas after the Concurrent function can safely take dependencies on formulas within: they'll all complete before the Concurrent function finishes and moves on to the next formula in a chain (if you use the ; or ;; operator). Watch out for subtle order dependencies if you're calling functions or service methods that have side effects.

You can chain formulas together with the ; (or ;; ) operator within an argument to Concurrent . For example, Concurrent( Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ), Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 ) ) evaluates Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ) concurrently with Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 ) . In this case, the dependencies within the formulas are fine: a will be set before b , and x will be set before y .

Concurrent( Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ), Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 ) ) Set( a, 1 ); Set( b, a+1 ) Set( x, 2 ); Set( y, x+2 )

Depending on the device or browser in which the app is running, only a handful of formulas might actually be evaluated concurrently. Concurrent uses the available capabilities and won't finish until all formulas have been evaluated.



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